Other than financial sponsorships to some certain institutions, Jochu takes part in social service through Da-I Association. The members of the association, composed of Jochu's employees, devote themselves voluntarily to various philanthropic initiatives to serve the society.

Long-term Sponsorship

  • BOYO Social Welfare Foundation
  • Tainan County privately Established Wuja Education and Nursing Institute
  • St. Raphael Opportunity Center
  • Hsinchu County Cheering Children Association

Social Care

  • Employee care
  • Unscheduled care for disadvantaged groups

Showing Enthusiasm

  • Wujia house of correction – Mid-Autumn Festival BBQ
  • Heartful gifts during Dragon Boat Festival
  • Beach cleaning activity
  • Taiwan Fund for Children and Families - circus
  • Charity Karaoke
  • Coffee bazaar

Love and Devotion

  • Response to Japan disaster relief
  • Typhoon Marakot disaster relief