Metal Bezels

Jochu Technology is capable of supplying metal bezels as shown in the below table in a single-piece, L-shaped welded, or four-piece type. It also provides one-stop engineering services from the phases of mock-up, tool design and fabrication, all the way to the phases of mass production and shipment. In addition, it has the knowledge and experience to integrate with various surface treatment technologies such as powder coating, hair-lining, and anodizing to fulfill appearance requirements of decorative components.

LCD metal Bezel Widely Used Materials Overall dimensions Purpose of Use
Structural Decorative
Single-piece Carbon steel plate SECC, SGCC, SGLC 5" ~ 55"
Stainless steel plate SUS304, SUS316, SUS430  
Aluminum alloy plate AL5052, AL5182
Multi-piece Carbon steel plate SECC, SGCC, SGLC 15.6" ~ 85"
Aluminum extruded profile AL6061, AL6063  
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