Value and Philosophy

Corporation Vision

"To be a touching corporation" means that we have to "do things that are helpful to people"; further, "manufacture products that people need." Let the intelligent manufacturing + inspiring sales + innovative R&D unite as trinity (Production, Sales, Research), to create a new engine for Jochu.
◆ Intelligent Manufacturing: Transforming Jochu's production and sales system with automation and intelligence, bringing management and manufacturing chain together toward a leader of manufacturing plants!
◆ Inspiring sales: Enabling sales to motivate consumers and let sales become the mission to service consumers.
◆ Innovative R&D: The research and development of products is not the performance of technology, but the exhibition of creativity, and the creativity is for the needs of consumers.

Mission Statement

To create a pleasant work environment, continuous innovation, good products for home furnishing and mobility convenience as well as implementation of corporate social responsibility.

Management Philosophy

The caring and win-win attitude, implementation of core values(7UP) and the realization of company vision shall always be reminded.


◆ TEAMWORK is the only way to survive under the harsh competition of the industry. The team's strength determines the company's destiny.
◆ ACCOUNTABILITY is the basic attitude of doing things. Leading by example and ensuring the team to take ownership and achieve goals and outcomes of organization.
◆ INTEGRITY is suiting the action to the word and is the foundation of the way to conduct oneself.
◆ PASSION is the driving force for progress and is the positively sustained strength.
◆ EXECUTION is the key to competitiveness. Only action can make the goal comes true.
◆ INNOVATION is the root of company's sustainability. With continuous innovation, the company is able to keep pace with the times to face unknown challenge and catch up with the new upcoming business operations.
◆ COST is the key factor for the company to generate profits, and profits can fulfill the social responsibility of the company.