Career Development

At Jochu, the emphasis of sustainable operation is on talent cultivation and employee career planning. We provide various professional and practical trainings in order to create a working environment for our employees to learn and grow. Moreover, the regular performance review and promotion assessment are arranged for our employees to develop career, exert expertise, and establish goal achievement.

Performance review

Jochu implements performance review periodically as the basis for promotion, award, and development.

Learning and growth

In order to allow our employees to exert expertise and accomplish achievement at work, we have planned educational training course based on function setting and characteristics of each job position. Through diversified learning resources and result review, our employees transform and grow along with us.

 Types of Development Trainings

●New Employee Training

For new comers and oversees expatriates to blend in company organization, culture and environment as soon as possible, we conduct courses related to company introduction, corporate culture, competency, production process, and environment/health/safety etc.

●Management Training

In order to make supervisors at all levels implementing the management knowledge and skill, we arrange the leadership and management capability training in accordance with the company strategy and management competency gap assessment.

●Expertise Training

In order to allow our employees to be equipped with the professional knowledge and skills required for their job duties, we conduct training courses in the fields of human resources, finance, sales, technology R&D, production manufacturing, and information management hosted by internal lecturers.

●General Knowledge Training

At Jochu, our employees are encouraged to improve basic expertise and capability by subsidized courses with different subjects such as the potential development, task management and mind growth, etc.

d Learning and Growing Platform

For the purpose of providing an environment with change-friendly atmosphere gradually formed among all our employees, we have designed the mechanisms for sharing, discussion, practice, and competition at our workplace.