Employee Welfare

Jochu provides competitive salary package to win over outstanding talents, which includes: salary, bonus, profit-sharing, and various welfare measures.

Salary System

Jochu is dedicated to be a business filled with happiness. We offer competitive salary packages to keep our employees focusing on doing their works instead of worrying about financial security.

Bonus System

Jochu offers a reward system based on individual performance and overall company operation.

Profit-sharing System

Jochu allots proportional company profits to our employees as bonus.

Insurance System

In addition to National Health Insurance and Labor Insurance required by law, Jochu also provides accident insurance and other related insurance to offer our employees better and more complete safety.
To encourage the health management and disease prevent among our employees, Jochu provides free annual health examination.

Various Subsidies

Jochu offers various subsidies to our formal employees such as birthday gift certificate, wedding and bereavement subsidies, staff maternity subsidy, and children scholarship.

Leave System

Jochu provides a leave system based on Labor Standards Act.