Total solution

Professional Knowledge, Management Skills and Experience of Operating Diversified Industry Business

Competitive and value-added service which covers pre-evaluation of customer's needs as well as solution offer meeting customized demands on product development and manufacturing is expectable for various industry business. This competence has been built up and accumulated by practicing diversified industry business.

Comprehensive Supply Chain and Outside Resources

One stop solutions are offered, which contains metal works as well as other non-metal works, special processing, and various surface treatment from Jochu supply chain.

Quick Response Solution

A quick response solution to meet customer's need on timing is part of Jochu core competence. This competitiveness comes from integrated manufacturing resource and supporting RD group on, for example, application development of materials, processing technology and product design. The time domain of solution development may start from the phase of pre-evaluation of customer's need to the phase of shipment of mass production upon request. Several successful solutions have been worked out on industry business of LCD & 3C, household furniture, and medical device.

Long Term Business Partnership

Long term business partnership is always Jochu's business strategy when it approaches business cooperation with customers. Because this business relationship can bring benefits for both sides. By co-working this way, each may fully perform its core competency, avoid same resource investment, and shorten development lead time. The above-mentioned effects can create win-win business results.