Structural Components and Decorative Components for the Applications of LCD and 3C Industries

Ever since 2000, Jochu Technology has continuously promoted its processing technologies on forming, machining, and surface treatment to always keep its structural components and decorative components competitive on cost and customers’ satisfaction on their up-to-date demands.

Metal works for the Applications of Household Furniture Industry

A safety component made of high strength steel was started to supply to a global retail household furniture group since 2014. This metal work is produced by a highly automated production line integrating advanced technologies of forming, fitting, stacking, and packaging. Currently, various metal works which need high performance materials and integrated processing technologies are under co-development.

Medical and Movement-assisted Device

Development and manufacturing resources on metallic and decorative part design, actuators, as well as software for movement control are continuously injected and integrated to develop customized device. Since 2015, an OEM movement-assisted powered device has been successfully delivered to USA and Japan markets.

Innovative Structure Design and Manufacturing

Innovative structure designs for the industry applications of IT servers, automotive, and medical devices have been successfully worked out by using high strength steels, CAD & CAE design tools, precision metal forming as well as laser welding. Typical products include ball bearing slides, cabinet rack, and omni wheel components for power wheelchair.

Fabrication of Mock-up Samples and Verification

A mock-up sample work shop which is capable of providing sample design, fabrication, surface treatment, inspection and testing has been built up and begun to offer one stop engineering service which covers aforementioned operations. The capability and service scope are promoted continuously.

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