Development of Forming Technology for High Strength Metal Sheet

To fulfill growing market demands which approach lighter weight, compact size, but stronger on mechanical performance of metal works, processing technologies covering stamping, roll forming, deep drawing and tooling for high strength metal sheets are under development.

Applications of Laser Technologies

In order to meet the design requirements of high-end metal works such as TV bezels and backlight modules on light structure as well as the market trend of small-volume-wide-variety of products, Jochu Technology had integrated laser sources and multi-axis positioning units to extend the product design flexibility especially on material utilization. In addition, to keep promoting the value and performance of metal works as well as cost competitiveness, development efforts for innovative applications of laser technologies such as cutting of thick metal sheet with smooth contour and automated welding station of high strength steel sheets in un-uniform thickness have been put and had achieved remarkable outcomes.

Application Development of Surface Treatment Technologies

To meet various customers’ demands on high end decorative metal works and cost competitiveness, several surface treatment technologies for metal works such as paint coated welded bezels, hair-lined (welded) bezels, paint coated bezels with thermos-print marking have been developed.

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