Total Development Solutions of Product

Jochu Technology can identify the right solutions and integrated manufacturing plan of customer, Provide the best material application and design, for example High-strength, high-tension, weather-resistant, corrosion-resistant, lightweight and Surface treatment...

Jochu Technology will assist customers in design analysis and manufacturing evaluation to provide the most effective product planning and material recommendations.

Applications of High Strength Steel Plate

The technologies of machining, welding, and forming of high strength steel plate are becoming mature and are getting widely used in household furniture and automotive industries. Jochu Technology is also devoted to the development of processing technology and product application of high strength steel plate. For example, a high strength midbeam for beds, a rail for kitchen cabinets and drawer units for cabinets had been successfully developed for volume production.

Applications of High Performance Metal Sheets

Jochu Technology has continuously put R&D resources in the applications of high performance value-added metal plates such as anti-bacterial stainless steel, aluminum-magnesium alloy, and pre-painted sheets. To meet the needs from various applications, the development activities cover product design and technologies on processing, surface treatment as well as quality validation.

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