Diversified Processing Capabilities

At each Jochu production plant, it has several in-line multi-stage press machines and forming stations for progressive dies. Flexible manufacturing of production lines, In addition, some automated peripheral units like part feeding , tapping and AOI are integrated with forming line to get better production efficiency, stable quality as well as less in-line manpower to save production cost. Customized peripheral work stations integrated with a multi-station forming line for secondary processing and in-line inspection (such as non-conforming taping or riveting work piece) are widely adopted at each Jochu production plant. In headquarter there are technical teams which are capable of supporting the setup of a new production line and development of new processing technologies.

Laser Technologies

Laser welding stations for producing welded steel bezels are equipped at most of Jochu production plants. By adopting this laser welding technology, the material waste to produce a display bezel can be reduced to the least, which enhances price competitiveness. This innovative processing concept and technologies had granted several international patents. Furthermore, laser marking and cutting technologies are gradually introduced

Ultrasonic Cleaning and Anti-rust Treatment

Ultrasonic cleaning lines are installed in all Jochu plants to ensure the cleanliness of metal forming products or to meet the surface treatment operation requirements, while granting the necessary corrosion resistance at the product surface.

Paint Coating Capabilities

Liquid paint coating lines had been installed in both Jochu Technology (Xiamen) and Foshan Zhen Xuan which also equips powder coating lines in response to the customer demands for decorative display bezels. In Taiwan, at the Tainan plant two highly automated powder coating lines for metal works of household furniture are operating as well. In term of other plants, paint coating line will also be established when coating requirements appear.

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