Technology Development

Design and Validation of Metal Works

The metal works that Jochu focuses are mainly for the industry applications of TFT-LCD display and 3C. However, OEM or ODM products for household furniture, medical devices as well as automotive have increased gradually. The development of the aforementioned metal works is performed by teams of R&D talents. Their backgrounds cover various fields of material, mechanical design, manufacturing, tooling, machinery, quality assurance, fabrication of mock-up samples as well as industrial engineering. Most of them have plenty of experience in various metalworking industries.

Utilization of CAD and CAE

To promote design performance, professional CAD and CAE tools have been widely utilized during product development stage. In addition, a material testing laboratory and a measurement laboratory which are equipped with various inspection and testing facilities are able to conduct physical validation. It helps verify CAE output and also improve CAE performance.

Technology Development of Metal Forming, Processing, and Surface Treatment

Technologies of metal forming, processing, and surface treatment are the focuses to be developed. Especially, a laser processing laboratory equipped with various laser sources and robotic fixture had been set up to develop advanced technologies of metal sheet cutting and welding.

Development of Mock-up Samples

In R&D group division located at the headquarter, there is a metal mock-up sample work shop which has various equipment for metal sheet forming, machining, laser cutting & welding, grinding, etc. This shop is capable of fabricating mock up samples for either physical validation or appearance check during product development phase. Thanks to its capability and capacity, the development time can be satisfactorily shortened.

Tooling and Engineering Automation

R & D group division is dedicated to the integration of outside and group internal resources . Also, it works as an engineering solution provider on tooling, processing technologies and automations for all Jochu production plants. Thanks to its efforts, group core competency is able to keep competitiveness and also be strengthened continuously.