JOCHU Technology Co., Ltd. (hereafter JOCHU) was founded on June 9, 2000, focusing on the technology development of stamping and tooling mainly for Optoelectronics and communications industries. During early years of 2000s, optoelectronics industry was blooming with the government's two trillion binary star policy support. JOCHU took advantage of its innovative laser machining technologies to get rapid growth and became the first tier supplier in the stamping metalwork supply chain of optoelectronics industry.

To provide in time and reliable services to get win-win benefits for major customers, JOCHU set up five production bases adjacent to customers at locations of Hsinchu, Tainan in Taiwan ; Suzhou, Xiamen in China and Ha Nam in Vietnam. The headquarter is located at Hukou industry Zone in Taiwan.

The guideline of JOCHU’s business deployment is to develop and keep its core strength in Taiwan, capture emerging business opportunities in China, and approach global markets. Therefore, strengthen business competitiveness of stamping metalwork in optoelectronics industry and diversify business in various industries as well. However, The OEM business environment was changing from time to time and getting tougher. Operational profits were decreasing due to strong cost competition from emerging china-based suppliers. Various major players stepped out supply chain due to fast change of product portfolios. The returns of investment on capitals, technologies, and human resources were below expectation due to 6 to 12 months product life cycle. These situations drove JOCHU to approach other industries for surveying new business opportunities in 2013.

To promote core strength to approach new business, technologies of machining, forming, and tooling have been continuously focused. In addition, a research and development division in organization was set up to create ODM business opportunities in various industries. The business scope then covered both OEM and ODM. This has increased value-added products and sources of sales revenue. Regarding the guideline of product development, it will be the products that people need instead of sale-motivated products which always have a shorter and shorter service life due to required frequent stimulation on end users through sales promotion. In 2018, the market segmentation of new business covered high end products of home furniture and medical device. Furthermore, corporate competitiveness is continuously strengthened by upgrading manufacturing technologies which have been injecting the elements of smart manufacturing.

Facing dramatic changing demands from industries and end users, JOCHU believes that the technologies are unchanged core capabilities, innovation is unique value, empathizing customers and end users demands is the fundamental attitude. As long as the above-mentioned belief is followed, the enterprise operation for stability and sustainability is expected. We aim at becoming the backbone of society by approaching a vision of “ to be a touched enterprise”, leading mission-achieved teams, creating various operational platforms, as well as building up comprehensive talent pools.