Metal Back Cover

Jochu Technology is equipped with stamping production lines of various tonnages (110T, 160T, 200T, 250T, 300T to 400T) and tool fabrication facilities, which makes it capable of producing the metal back covers ranging from 5 inches to 85 inches or even larger sizes. In order to meet customers’ needs on mechanical or decorative performance, all products as well as tool designs were appropriately developed on the basis of sheet materials, factory processing and surface treatment technologies. Up to date, Jochu Technology has achieved remarkable performance in terms of large-sized curved back covers and pre-painted back covers, and U-fold structure back covers for the applications of mobile phones and tablets.

LCD Metal Back Cover Widely Used Materials Overall Dimensions Shape of Back Cover
Flat Curved
Single-piece Stainless steel plate
carbon steel plate
5" ~ 65"
Aluminum alloy plate AL5052, AL1050, GM55
Multi-piece carbon steel plate SECC, SGCC, SGLC 65" ~ 85"
Aluminum alloy plate AL5052
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